async challonge for python 3.5+!


  • More than a just a wrapper to the Challonge API
  • Natural structures to work with (User, Tournament, Participant, Match, Attachment)
  • No knowledge of the Challonge API is required, thanks to extensively documented library

Getting Started

Simple example:

import asyncio

import challonge

my_username = 'challonge_username'
my_api_key = 'challonge_api_key'

async def main(loop):
    my_user = await challonge.get_user(my_username, my_api_key)
    my_tournaments = await my_user.get_tournaments()
    for t in my_tournaments:
        print(, t.full_challonge_url)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


  • python 3.5+
  • aiohttp
    • cchardet
    • aiodns

Author and License

The achallonge package is written by Fabien Poupineau (fp12).

It’s distributed under the MIT license.

Feel free to improve this package and send a pull request to GitHub.

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